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Give It To Me (Inst.)

Yang Dong Geun Feat. Dok2, The Quiett


Give It To Me

Yang Dong Geun Feat. Dok2, The Quiett

the new cls 1eokjjari chae paren myeoccheonjjari sigye
myeotbaekjjari bare rockin&rsqu ...

Lao Shu Ai Da Mi

Yang Chen Gang

Lao Shu Ai Da Mi
Wo ting jian ni de sheng yin
You zhong te bie de gan jue
Rang wo bu dua ...



Deja que nuestros cuerpos se unan por primera vez
Para mi sería un place ...

Moviendo Caderas



Si estas solita llorando
faltar a morir
tranquila que yo sé de algo
que alivia corazon ...

Hasta Abajo


(E EH)
Y cuando sale el sol
Tu carita alumbrándome y los ojos brillandote.. x2

El ...

This Evening

Yancey Boys

Look at these niggas, they taking off
This evening
Some of you niggas gonna take a loss
This ev ...

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Yancey Boys

Yeah, what is it you want me to do?
You was wondering, I'm wondering, too
I won 100 and the love ...

Rock My World

Yancey Boys

Dance, keep it rocking, girl
Want you to come and rock my world tonight

I'm lifting my chalice ...


Yancey Boys

I always knew I'll touch the sky
With heart full of fire ended eye
Steady my vision my ...

Lovin' U

Yancey Boys

Thought you would fall in my arms instead of falling in love
You're just here for the charm
It w ...

Jeep Volume

Yancey Boys

It all started up in highschool at lunch from a young group
Coming through a Cyprus in the run tw ...

Go And Ask The DJ

Yancey Boys

Who knew that we would blow it up, wide these, throw it up
We up in the spot, all the fine beat s ...


Yancey Boys

Ok, ok, alright, I'mma get it tight
It's only right, it's me and you
And I would never underesti ...